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Mystic Wyse Woman Priestess

Earth Mother

Priestess of land, sea amd sky

We walk with grace from one life to the next, in service to self, to others, to community and above all, Goddess

We are the walkers of the wise ways, the ancient ways. We are the way showers, the lantern bearers, the soul carers


We are maiden, mother and crone. We are the teachers, the alchemists, the story makers, the caretakers. We are timeless spirits

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Bohemian Girl

I am the servant and steward of the elemental world


Within the spirit of earth I become one with the realm of the crystal and the core of the planet earth. My spirit self feels the life within a star, the sun, the moon. I teach the love of this earth. How to heal, sustain and care for it.

I am a woman of air. I breathe the breath of life. I read cloud and thought. I use air to move within the three realms. Within ritual and music I move with air. I honour the breath of birth and death.

I am a woman of fire. I balance the fire of spirit. I honour and respect fire's energy and its power and transformation. Fire brings the heat of purification and renewal. Born of light at the conception of all, I burn as a beacon of light to others.

I am water, and flow with mastery of my emotions. I understand the pulse of existence and how we flow with all things. Water assists me to learn the art of moon, and understand the many rivers comprising woman. I teach emotional self mastery through the resolution of conflict

I am Spirit woman. Shaman woman. Weaver of the web of life. Cloud dancer. Soul healer. Eternal child of the Goddess. I am divinity. I am wyse woman.

All women are me. I am all women.

Meet Mystic Wyse Woman

Mystic Priestess

She is Goddess.

She is within everything, from the tiniest atom, to the mightiest tree. Her beauty, power and celestial resonance echoes through every molecule of our body. She is the sun, the moon, the stars. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the land we walk.

The pledge we make

To learn the ways of the Earth Goddess, we must walk with our teachers showing humility. For as we begin, we fashion our craft as a child does when it learns from it's parent. As we do so, we realise, no single human being can learn all wisdom without the direction of those richer than us in knowledge. These wise teachers have walked many paths and suffered many initiations to assist us on our way. We must never be to egocentric to think we know it all. Wisdom is like a piece of rough wood. To smooth it into our support stave we polish and refine until we have created the foundation.

We may make mistakes with our learning. We may follow the wrong route, or choose the wrong teacher. But we accept all our lessons and we know nothing is ever wasted, but is one more precious jewel to add to our box of wisdom

While we are strong and self aware. We temper our personal strength with balanced regard for all, whether that all, be humanity, creatures, plants or the earth.

When we have acquired wisdom as the apprentice, we then begin to weave our personal experience into the rich web of our current incarnation. These are the hard tests outside of the tangible wisdom school. They are those joys, pains and sorrows that are the incalculable wealth of our being.

Be Joy

Be Light

Be Love

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Sand Dunes

Ancient Mother, One Goddess, One love

Above the Clouds



Trance work

Authentic shamanism

Master Crystal Teaching

Herbalism and Vibrational Medicine

Animal Healing and Communication

Ancestral Patterning

Sacred, intuitive art


Remote transformational healing

Online priestess workshops and courses

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