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Animal communication

I first communicated with animals when I was a tiny child.  For me it was a natural symbiosis between a human soul and the natural world. I was the child that took an injured creature and made it well, the trusting relationship I had, a gift. It also got me into a lot of trouble since my parents were most often unaware of my latest patient until they came across it secreted away. My mother frequently found a sick mouse in my bedroom or a blackbird recuperating in a box on the floor of our garage, but I think became used to her wayward child.

As I moved through life as an animal healer, I realised to actually be of practical use to a creature's mental and emotional state in particular, it is necessary to hone our communication skills with our animal partners, much as we would hone our skills to become a counselor or psychologist. I then began training and researching a subject which to this day I find fascinating. Namely how do we forge that deeper connection with our pets and creatures that allows us to become more than just empathetic with them, but to become truly able to connect with them on the deeper level of the soul?

Often we take on an animal with the best of intentions to care for it. We provide shelter, food and water and plenty of loving care, but a lot of the time we miss out on forging a deeper intuitive connection that allows us to relate on a more profound level. Animal communication is a dedicated path requiring an expert knowledge of how to use our subtle and psychic senses in a more refined way. This ensures we grow in personal confidence as a communicator, and that our ability to open a channel to our animal friend is sound and sustained. As with all healing paths, we work in service to the very best of our wisdom and experience. We learn the true value of spiritual grounding, how to work with the uniqueness of  an animal's subtle body and chakras, and in turn how to care for our own energies and well being, as we undertake this caring but often emotionally and mentally tough role.

I now work with all creatures to foster a deeper connection, and in return I learn to enrich my own human life experience. From a bee to a mouse, from my cat to a horse, this beautiful path is full of wonder and challenge.  Oh, and animal communication skills can be used on plants too.

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