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I was born in The Forest of Dean, an enclave of the united kingdom. A wonderland of forested hills and valleys balancing on the cusp of Wales. 

   Once this land was inhabited by our Neolithic ancestors, and it bursts with brooding energy, magic and enchantment. I believe I draw my love of the elements from this place, and it is why the wild woman of nature is seated within my soul. 

   From the moment of birth, I was conscious of who I was as a spirit.  I could see my life spinning out before me, and I knew it would be a hard one of constant initiation. In that respect, I was accepting. Psychically aware, and able to intuit the lives of others, I felt trapped within an inescapable spiral that would take me on an endless wisdom journey. 

My childhood was enchanted.  It was as if thrust into mortality I needed this magic in order to teach me the value of light and dark. My father was a successful entrepreneur, but also a botanist, man of wisdom, philanthropist and lover of nature. My mother brought me the wealth of her story telling, and through her fragile emotional state, taught me excellently in the understanding of psychology, empathy and personal responsibility.

   I walked into adulthood though, a heavily bullied and misunderstood child, who - locked within sensitivity and preferring creativity and solitude - simply felt like she did not belong. Within this began the battlefield of adulthood and the tug and pull between an orthodox lifestyle, and my spiritual self.  My resistance started at 16, when my love of nature, burgeoning psychic powers, healing and wisdom, made me rebel against a designer life. Rebellion took me on many adventures. It took me into love and the duality of loving two vastly different men, both of whom I lost, one to an accident. Both musicians, both equally challenging.

At this point, music saturated my soul, and led to a profound appreciation of African rhythm, the drum and the call of the music of the spheres. 

In my 20’s I eschewed wealth and position to start a lengthy seven year stint of training that immersed me in the spirituality I craved. As I did so I found the doors of resistance in my life slowly open, as if the celestial world applauded my strength to fight in the face of opposition. I began to express my pent up creativity becoming a published author of over 10 fictional novels and countless short stories. I ran my own highly successful, energy healing and holistic business and taught 3 year validated crystal healing courses. At this point I realised, I was on the path of the priestess and my spare time became filled with wisdom seeking as I immersed myself in her hard path of learning - a beautiful path, but one laced with the inner journey lessons no apprentice of the God or Goddess of all can escape from. 

These lessons are necessary in order to strip us of our outer conditioning. They scarify us, strip us bare and expose us to the shadow and dark side of our psyches. Hard at first, as we move with the natural elemental rhythm of Goddess, though, we come to understand their value.  We become healed, renewed and transformed into walking images of her divine love, holding our lantern aloft to light the way, in turn, for our students, and our sisters. And we are reborn into women of empathy, resourcefulness, strength and understanding.

Many believe they are called to her path, but few find the strength to walk it, as she strips away all you hold dear.

  Through the grace of Goddess, I am much more now, than I could ever have hoped to have been.  I am older and wiser in all things, and I now see the path clearly, instead of through veils of conditioning, both societal and personal. As hard as this path is, to find yourself truly within the arms of Nature and Goddess is a sensation that has to be felt to be believed. It is indeed, the most constantly challenging of paths to walk, but enchanting, beautiful, rewarding and replete with the sisterhood of some of the most amazing, passionate and idealistic women on this planet.


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