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Herbs and Crystals



Herbs first exerted their influence over me when I was a child. I was lucky to be brought up around nature and had a father who respected the natural world, and had a profound love of it. That love never left me, and when I was a teenager I developed a keen interest in the value of good organic food, and the innate properties of all plants and herbs. It was only a matter of time before I took a two year training in aromatherapy, and gained my first certificate in herbalism, which simply birthed a deeper desire to know more.







Later through my healing and holistic business I extended that into a practical knowledge of hedge-witchery, blended essences, and remedies that opened my eyes to other interesting possibilities, while working with knowledge and authenticity. Later still through my work with the priestess community, and druidry I entered into training as a master herbalist with a special interest in native British plants and their vibrational benefits. Plants are the jewel in the crown of human life. We would quite literally be nowhere without them. They contribute to a clean atmosphere, they provide food and medicine, and they embellish our lives with beauty. Now more than ever the planet calls for us to dip into ancient skills like herbalism, and appreciate the real value of the plants, herbs and beautiful flora that grace our planet. I am currently researching the healing properties of plants on a new vibrational level and I am enjoying the wonder journey and what nature has to to tell me.




Hand in hand with my love of herbalism is my passion for the mineral world. I have worked for over 30 years with crystals, having started formal training back in the early nineties. A three year course led to me becoming not just a crystal healing practitioner, but a speaker, writer and tutor of three year ACHO validated crystal healing courses for the UK with the Spiritual Venturers Association. But crystals are in as constant state of evolution and our findings never stand still as the vibrations of this planet increase and metamorphose. An understanding of their magical and profound healing wisdom pushes us deeper and deeper into the multiple possibilities just around the corner that they possess.


I am still a purist at heart and there is nothing to beat a crystal in its naturally resonant state - not shaped too much by tools, and if they are - sympathetically. Endowed still with their natural colours, and most certainly not dyed or irradiated as so many now are. As with plants while artificial hybridization has its place in mankind's onward march, the true precious resources we share with this planet have their most potent healing expression, within their original ancestral typing.  I now research the higher messages of crystals with applications for the dawning age.

In an occasional series, I will be posting on both herbs and crystals. So please watch this space.

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