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Unicorn Magic

The elegant and legendary unicorn is an angelic messenger, and one of our most loved and beautiful archetypes. She brings us the gifts of healing, purity and strength, and fills our minds with magic, mystery and power.

When I began to tap into unicorn it was a voyage of discovery that took me far beyond historical and ancient texts on mythos, and instead into the healing magic of an archetype that is so much more than ever seemed possible. Of course, it's impossible to put down all I learned in a simple blog, and which now forms the basis of my forthcoming book, because there is so much to unicorn and to do her justice we could fill several pages. But here are a few snippets to set you on the path to unicorn rainbow magic.

First of all, did you know about unicorn day on April the 9th, every year. Yes, I did say that right because unicorn has a day all of her own. You will be sure to want to get your children on board for this one, with plenty of unicorn fun and games, and maybe a baking session, creating rainbow colored cookies.

And, here is another useful fact about unicorns. They are endowed with so much magic, their horns have been sought after for centuries for decorative use on thrones and as chalices and cups. Alicorn the name for unicorn horn, was sought after, to purify holy water, and by royalty, because it was reputed to be both medicinal and an antidote to poison. Royalty were always being poisoned in those days, by the way.

Only tamable by a virgin and with her gentle demeanor, her story has become tied into the Bible, Christ and the Virgin Mary, not to mention countless references through Medieval times and in French court society, where she was emblematic of chaste love and faithful marriage.

Often termed a masculine icon, I see unicorn as more feminine, but maybe she is neither. Perhaps she contains a balance of both of these powers. We live in troubled times and I strongly wonder if her symbiosis with the rainbow, is a sign to those of us drawn to her, about integration and acceptance. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thought, and accord so well with the universal law of balance?

Unicorn is much, much more than her historical, folkloric and mythic imprint. She is a powerful totem of strength, luck, wealth and respect, that leads us on a healing journey of our souls, and we all need a little of that right now.

She lives within all of us as an ancestral memory, and has many beautiful stories to tell us about how to find our way back to working with our deep feminine essence.

From the realms of the divine she brings us power gifts, of which there are so many. The main ones being those of personal female sovereignty, and the ability to harness our unique healing code. She fills our minds with clarity, purity, and divinity and teaches us to never lose sight of our ability to connect with the lost inner child who believes in magic.

If we climb onto her back, she takes us on a journey between the three shamanic realms, helping us form a rainbow bridge of spiritual communication that weaves through all levels of our being. To the lower realm where we commune with the nature spirits, then through the middle realm, our conscious human self, and the tangle of our routine mortal life, before spiraling us up into the higher realm of the super-conscious - the place of our becoming; freedom, our desires, and as yet unrealized dreams.

Unicorn unites the divine feminine and universal birth aspects, inherent within our celestial personalities. Within her embodiment she is both the divine chalice of birth and healing, and through her horn, the sword of wisdom, whose energy resides in unicorn both within the third eye, the rainbow bridge or Antahkarana, and the crown chakra. When we work to unite these unicorn energies we become wise spiritual mother, the compassionate daughter and strong woman. Centred, in balance and capable.

Unicorn heals through the emerald ray at our heart centres. She is love and teaches us the art of emotional balance, while urging us to heal our deepest wounds by calling on unicorn magic.

You only have to close your eyes to find the unicorn presence within the sacred druid grove of your mind. If you touch your finger to your third eye, the area between your eyebrows - and press lightly while thinking of unicorn, your psychic senses will be primed, leading you into insightful and vivid meditation. Then shy unicorn, who only reveals herself to very magical and special individuals, might appear right in front of you, grazing in a forest clearing, or prancing across the surface of an enchanted lake. For did you know, unicorn can also walk on water?

If you need more connection to unicorn magic, just step outside one evening and look up at the northern night sky. Here you will see unicorn has collected stardust and fashioned for us the Constellation Monoceros, to remind us she truly is real.

From my forthcoming book

© 2020 mysticwysewoman. All rights reserved.

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