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Priestess courses for the Goddess Inspired

I offer sound practical and affordable courses in discovering your inner woman, the core energy of your priestess self. 

Through learning to work with the land and elements, we discover the many different faces of Goddess and learn to work with her on deeply transformative levels. These levels teach us how to access the precious jewels of wisdom locked within the old ways, and how to simply connect ourselves with her bounteous healing wisdom.

As empowered women, we learn the importance of placing our healing first, of setting correct boundaries, of fiercely confronting the shadow core aspects of ourselves. Only when we have established these fundamentals can we move onto the essence of our mission, that of becoming the ancient wise woman, the healer, seer, wisdom bearer and sacred vessel.

Covid has changed the way all of us in the spiritual community work, meaning all courses for the present are entirely internet based.  Please watch this space for up and coming one day workshops and courses later in the year.  I will be releasing details as soon as I can. As always I am completely accessible at all times, so if you have any questions, please drop me a line via the Contact page at the bottom of my home page.

         Many Blessings, Constance Madalyn

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